The most nutritionally abundant food source on the planet

Hemp seeds are a rich source of highly digestible protein, omegas 3&6 – in the ideal ratio for the human diet (3:1), and are teeming with rare vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc. They also contain anti-inflammatory GLA, insoluble fibre, and a rare plant based source of vitamin B3. And their hypoallergenic nature means they can be included into any diet.


The consumption of animals for protein is responsible for over 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. A cow consumes 75-300kg of plant material to produce 1kg of beef protein. In order to produce enough animal feed to meet this demand, intensive agricultural practices are used that cause a wide range of environmental detriment


Hemp seeds are the ideal alternative. They’re comprise of over 33% of highly digestible protein, can be grown sustainably without the need for chemical inputs, remove more carbon from the atmosphere than an established forest, and their subtle nutty flavour means they can be easily included into any diet.

* C02e = C02 equivalent. eg. C02, methane, etc. 


Over 76% of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited, over exploited or depleted. Our demand for fish oils rich in omegas, is threatening to push our fish stocks beyond the point of no return. The increasing presence of endocrine-disrupting toxins such as PCBs and BPA in the remaining fish stocks is of great concern.


Small marine species consumer the industrial chemicals, and remnants of the 8 million tonnes of plastic released into the ocean each year. Because larger species consume a multitude of these smaller animals, toxin levels are magnified.  

Something worth considering since the majority of our seafood comes from the top of the food chain.