who we are


At Hemp Harvests we prioritise our clients and their satisfaction.

Our commitment to quality is ingrained in our company’s philosophy, and forms the basis of our decision-making across our supply chain. We start by sourcing only the highest quality, GMO-free seeds from the most responsible Australian farmers, and maintain our quality standards by overseeing the entire supply chain, from the paddock to packet. All of our products are manufactured according to HACCP food safety standards, for a guaranteed peace of mind.  



Our global efforts to provide enough food for the 7.5 billion people currently living on earth has had unintentional consequences, and with that number increasing to 9 billion by 2050, something needs to change.

We are completely detached from where our food comes from, nutritional density is declining, and increasing use of synthetic inputs has turned farming into something that more closely resembles a chemistry experiment, than the idyllic farms constantly featured in advertising campaigns. We want to change that.



Hemp embodies a number of characteristics of what our future food system should look like. Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritionally abundant food sources on the planet, can be grown successfully without the intensive use of water and chemicals like other crops, improves soil health, all whilst removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than an established forest.

The idyllic Tasmanian climate and rich alluvial soils provide the ideal medium to grow the highest quality hemp seeds. Once harvested, we turn these seeds into the finest quality hemp food products for food manufacturers and the hospitality industry. We provide complete transparency and traceability across our supply chain, so our customers know exactly how and where our products are produced – because it’s something we’re proud of.